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Bone In Ham with Spiced Cherry & Maple Syrup Glaze       
BlackForest Ham with Smokey Apple Glaze

ButterNut Squash Puree         Brussel Sprout Hash          Roasted Fingerling Potato

Serves 8-10 people Prep Time 1 hr Cook Time 2 hrs


**NOTE** Pull Ham from fridge an hour beforehand and let it come to room temp before you cook. Otherwise the internal temperature takes longer to achieve.**

1. Bone In Ham takes a couple hours to cook. Start by making the glaze. If you’re using fresh Cherries, wash and remove the pits. Place in a pot and start to cook on low heat. Once the cherries get hot, add the wine and spices. Let simmer for 10 minutes. Add the Maple Syrup and Horseradish. Stir together and cool slightly so it thickens. You may need to puree it a bit as well with a hand blender.

**For the Smokey Apple Glaze, simply add both items to a pot and heat. Set aside**

1. Take the Ham and score the skin with cuts one inch apart. Make sure you just cut the skin and not entirely into the meat . Now rotate it 90 degrees and do the same thing so the cuts look like diamonds. Add wine to the bottom of the pan underneath the ham. Place in preheated 425F oven for 20 minutes. Remove from oven and turn down to 350F. Then take the glaze and brush over the entire surface. Place Ham back in the oven and keep glazing every half hour. After two and a half hours place under foil and let it rest until you serve it. **When using the Black Forest Ham, score the skin the same way, glaze with the smokey apple sauce and place in 325F oven for 45-50 minutes or until internal temperature reads 140F. Keep glazing every 10 minutes**

2.While the Ham is cooking, place the peeled and cubed squash, seasoning & maple syrup in a bowl. Toss and make sure the squash is covered with both. Place in oven as well and let roast until it is golden brown or fork tender, usually 45 minutes or so. Remove from oven and place in a blender. Add the butter then the cream, a little at a time until it is a smooth puree. Check the taste for seasoning and add salt if necessary.

3. Take the brussel sprouts, cut the core end off and remove any loose dirty leaves. Slice in half and soak in water to clean more of the dirt off. Meanwhile in a pan, cook the bacon and when its done, chop it into small pieces. Save the greasy pan.Separately, boil a pot of water, add a tsp of salt then the brussel sprouts. Only blanch them for about 2 minutes. They turn a beautiful vibrant green colour. Take the sprouts and add them to the hot bacon greased pan. Saute the sprouts off for one minute in the pan, tossing them occasionally until they get some golden brown colour. Add the wine and let it infuse for a minute, Once the liquid is gone, remove from heat. Add the bacon and serve immediately. *Do this dish last as the sprouts do not hold hot for long periods of time. They tend to turn brown after a while*

4. Take the potatoes and boil them in salted water until fork tender. Drain and let cool for half hour. When they are ok to handle, cut them lengthwise then add them to a pan with hot oil. Season with salt & pepper then toss the potatoes until they get a nice golden brown colour. After a couple minutes they will be done.

5. Plate your dinner with the butternut puree on the plate, add potatoes and brussel sprouts then sliced Ham. Enjoy.


For more information on Chef Scott Yates please visit : @chefscottycooks







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