Artisanal products made with family pride


Artisan-quality meats cut on the spot by your local butcher. Baking, cheese and eggs from the neighbouring farm. Crisp, seasonal fruit & vegetables grown and picked fresh that week when in season.


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At Stemmler Meats, you’ll find fresh, wholesome foods and time-honoured recipes passed down through generations. We source our meats, cheeses, produce and baked goods from hard-working local farmers and producers.



Eat better, feel better

When your loved one has special dietary needs, it used to mean taking certain foods off the menu or cooking two separate dishes at mealtime. Stemmler’s is committed to providing healthy, nutritious foods everyone can enjoy including those with special dietary needs.


Choose from a growing selection of fresh and smoked meats formulated without lactose, gluten, MSG, and in some cases without soy or nitrates. We also can work with you to develop a custom recipe that meets your needs.


Gerard Stemmler smiling in his store

Gerard Stemmler

(founder of Stemmler Meats & Cheese)





From humble beginnings

It all started in 1985, when Gerard & MaryAnn Stemmler started a small retail outlet called Stemmler Meat & Cheese at the St. Jacob’s Farmers' Market. Gerard was a talented butcher; MaryAnn, a very social person who could strike a friendly conversation with anyone. Word travelled fast, and within a year, the Stemmler’s opened their first store in Heidelberg, Ontario.


The store was known for exceptional quality, lean cuts, and a real unique concept: an open layout that let people actually see their meats being prepared. Stemmler’s became a destination for health-conscious customers who want to know where their food comes from - and how it’s prepared - before it goes on their plates. Today, you can still watch us make the products you’re about to take home at our store on Lobsinger Line.


Eventually, MaryAnn & Gerard passed the torch to the next generation of Stemmler’s, who carry on their commitment to providing quality foods everyone can savour.


MarryAnn Stemmler in the store

MaryAnn Stemmler





Our Waterloo manufacturing facility

Stemmler’s is proud to offer flexible, reliable meat co-packing services to companies looking to produce sausages, snack sticks, smoked pork chops, Black Forest ham, smoked or cooked turkey, chicken deli rolls and other related meat products. We can manufacture your product using top quality ingredients and packaging of your choice.


Our manufacturing facility located in Waterloo, Ontario boasts 17,000 sq. ft. of processing space and top-of-the-line meat processing equipment (Schröter, Bizerba, Inject Star) operated by our masterclass staff with 30+ years of experience.


To learn more about our meat co-packing services, send an email to or call us at (519) 699-4590.


Group shot of the Stemmler's family

The Stemmler Family





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