Need a pinch of culinary inspiration? Try one of these flavourful recipes by Chef Scotty Yates, a gourmet chef with a discerning eye for quality ingredients. Chef Scotty combines familiar tastes with creative techniques that will WOW your family and friends – using real, local ingredients you’d find in any home cook’s pantry!


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Meet the Chef: Scotty Yates


After spending almost 20 years working full-time in the automotive world, part-time as a bartender and raising a family, Chef Scott Yates (better known as Chef Scotty) decided to pursue his true passion: food. Since graduating culinary school in 2005, his culinary journey has taken him to top restaurants and catering companies across the country, including Dana Shortt Gourmet in Waterloo, Wildcraft and the Charcoal Group in Kitchener-Waterloo, Appetizingly Yours in Guelph, Scarlett House Catering in Mississauga and PR Creative Caterers in Toronto. Chef Scotty has also had the privilege of passing his knowledge to young minds who share his passion for food through Conestoga College’s Hospitality & Culinary Arts Program.


Chef Scotty has cooked and catered for celebrities, CEO’s and heads of state from around the world, including actors William Shatner, Howie Mandel, Martin Short, Jean-Paul Tremblay and Andrea Martin; musicians Tony Bennett, Bryan Adams, Burton Cummings, Dallas Green, Sam Roberts and Sammy Hagar; celebrity chefs Mark McEwan (Top Chef Canada), Giada De Laurentiis (Giada at Home) and Lynn Crawford (Iron Chef Canada); and three former Canadian Prime Ministers.


Today, Chef Scotty leads the ChefScottyCooks Bistro Tour, a unique food truck that brings scrumptious, chef-inspired cuisine to events around the province.


“In all the years I've been dealing with Stemmler's, I still see their desire, passion and love for what they do. It truly shows in all the amazing products they have; from standard to specialty or new items, they are always flexible with my requests and are able to consistently accommodate when I order. It's a true pleasure to have them as my supplier.” - Chef Scotty Yates


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