Stemmler Meats proudly serves wholesale customers across the province including independent and chain restaurants, fine food stores, small butcher shops and grocers, and food distributors catering to educational, healthcare, and institutional markets. As a sought-after local meat supplier, our team provides local wholesale pork, and other local wholesale meat along with artisanal products in large quantities to satisfy a variety of needs.


Stemmler Meats crafts exceptional products catered to your customer's exact dietary needs,

including a wonderful variety of fresh and smoked meats free of gluten, lactose, nitrates, or MSG.



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Stemmler's Signature Brine

Did you know? Stemmler Meats has perfected their signature flavour over time by blending spices from three different suppliers into their proprietary brine, infusing the flavour deep into the meat, and preparing it for the smokehouse where it receives an intense smoke treatment using real maple hardwood chips. The unique and unmistakable Stemmler's flavour can be enjoyed in their award-winning bacon, sensational smoked products and hams.



Popular Wholesale Categories

Award-Winning Side Bacon

Our side bacon is our most popular product for good reason. Selling an estimated 150,000 lbs every year, our bacon can be found in top local restaurants as well other retailers across the province.


Always beginning the process with Stemmler's Signature Brine, we offer five flavour profiles including Traditional, Apple Cinnamon, Double Smoked, Montreal Smoked, and Pepper Smoked. We also sell bacon ends, slabs, and back bacon whole, sliced, and cured, with or without cornmeal.



Deli Meats - Whole Pieces or Sliced

We are very proud of our wide selection of artisan deli meats packaged whole, sliced, or retail-ready.


Our roast beef, smoked turkey breast, and Black Forest ham top the list as our most popular choices but if you're in the mood to try something different go with our award-winning Fire-Roasted Red Pepper & Olive loaf or Spicy Summer Sausage.




​Using quality cuts of beef, pork, and turkey, our Pepperstix offer just the right bite, a medium texture, and bold flavours including regular, hot, suicide, teriyaki, honey garlic, turkey, no nitrate, and coming soon...BACON!


Low in sodium and sugars, these meat treats are extra lean, high in protein, gluten and lactose-free, and keto-friendly.


Packaged to fly off retail shelves, our Pepperstix are equally a great option to garnish a Bloody Caesar or serve on a charcuterie board.



Smoked Meat

Using fresh pork sourced from neighbouring farms with Stemmler's Signature Brine, our smoked products offer a labour-friendly, easy product to handle. Simply heat and serve.


Wow your customers with our flavourful German staples including ham steaks, hocks, cottage rolls, pork jowls, and of course our famous pork loin chops.


Available in varying formats, whole and sliced, this is a quickly growing market segment as customers look for traditional products with bold flavour.


Sausages - Frozen and/or Smoked

With our Bavarian background, you can be assured our sausages are made the way they should be - with great care, attention, and bold flavours. Using only top quality pork, beef and turkey sourced from local family farms, we offer a wide selection of sausages both retail-ready and in bulk.


Thinking patio, barbecue stand or even Oktoberfest?  We are skilled at partnering with local breweries to bring  craft beer-inspired recipes to life. Offer your customers something unique - ask how we can help!



Breakfast Sausage/Patty

Served in some of the most respected health-care centres in the province, our mini turkey sausages and maple chicken patties are lean, low sodium, low sugar, and contain no allergens.


The texture is tender with an easy bite due to the collagen casing. The sausages are pre-cooked and only require some heating to brown for visual appeal.


Pre-cooked mini pork sausages and maple pork patties round out the line suiting a variety of tastes and dining applications.


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