Perfect Turkey Roasting Instructions

Note: Roasting times are approximate and were determined using a dark enameled roasting pan. If a light colored, shiny pan is used it may be necessary to increase roasting time as much as an hour.

Roasting times will vary with different ovens. For best results, insert a meat thermometer into the thigh muscle next to the body cavity. Temperature should be 180F (82C). If checking the temperature at the breast, it needs to read 160F (71C). When either temperature is met, it is very important to let the turkey rest after it reaches temperature. Resting involves covering the pan with foil and putting the pan on top of the stove. Leave it here for 10 - 15 minutes before carving (during the rest, the temperature of the meat will naturally continue to rise).

Cooking Suggestions For Your Turkey

Free legs and tail of turkey from tucked position. Remove neck from main cavity.

Sprinkle body and neck cavities with salt. Fill both cavities lightly with stuffing – about 375 ml per kg. (or ¾ cup per lb) of turkey. Fold neck skin back and fasten with skewer. Return legs and tail to tucked position.

For best results roast in an open pan. If time is short, a covered pan may be used, but turkey may not look as attractive. If you would like your turkey breast with a bit more moisture and "the show" is not so important as you are carving in the kitchen, try cooking with the breast down. The moisture from the back will migrate into the breast meat.

Open Pan: Place turkey on a rack in an open pan. DO NOT ADD WATER. Spoon melted fat over turkey. Cover lightly with a tent of foil. DO NOT WRAP IN FOIL. For perfect browning, remove foil for last hour of roasting. Roast an unstuffed turkey at 325F (160C) for 30 - 40 min/lb (.45 kg.). A stuffed turkey can take approximately 30 - 40 minutes longer.

Covered Pan: Place turkey on a rack in the roasting pan. DO NOT ADD WATER. Place lid on pan. For better browning, uncover for last hour. Roast an unstuffed turkey at 325F (160C) for 20 - 30 min/lb (.45 kg.). A stuffed turkey can take approximately 30 - 40 minutes longer.